The day after pill is abused; this is risky
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Alejandra Diener greets you.

Today we are going to talk a little bit about the methods of birth control that are now more fashionable.

It turns out that the "morning-after pill" or postcoital or emergency contraception is a pill that is being used too much, I would venture to say that women are abusing the "morning-after pill".

It is currently a single pill that should be ingested before 72 hours after a sexual relationship; It has a hormonal dose of 1.500 mg of levonorgestrel, which is a progestin that is also in the normal mini-pills but at a dose of 150 mg. This assumes that the "morning-after pill" is a hormonal overdose that corresponds to 10 normal mini pills Taken simultaneously, so it's a bomb, a contraceptive bomb.

It should only be used in emergencies, as it says in the booklets, when the usual method fails, or for not using a conventional contraceptive method.

However, several studies indicate that many use it as a contraceptive method. That's where the abuse is because they don't use other methods, and when they have sex, they take it several times a year, a month, which implies a great risk. Weekends are when you're abusing these.

The mechanism of action: if the sexual relationship was after ovulation and there was fertilization, it is to prevent the implantation of the embryo by affecting the mobility of the uterus and the fallopian tubes, as well as some factors of the endometrium. As a result, the embryo is being aborted, the embryo fails to implant, or reaches the uterus when the endometrium is no longer receptive. The endometrium is the lining of the uterus, thickening when the month passes, and when there is no fertilization, it is released in the form of blood. It's when it's menstruation.

However, these pills what they do is slimming that endometrium in a way so that, if there was a pregnancy, there is no nest and the baby is expelled. This is what also has the "morning-after pill". When you eat at least 24 hours before ovulation, being a very high dose of hormones, it produces anovulation, but not always; And this can cause physiological problems, like thrombus-embolisms, headaches, many problems that we can avoid with proper behavior and do not believe everything they tell us.

Careful, deaths have already been reported for the "morning-after pill."