Juan Gabriel did not support the LGBT cause; He was tolerant
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I know there's been a lot of talk about Juan Gabriel, but today we'll give him another approach. It was surprising, for all those who follow Juan Gabriel, his death, beyond the product marketing: the artist, the musician, the brilliance that symbolized for the connoisseurs; In short; The phenomenon of Juan Gabriel transcends mere superficial questions and, above all, Juan Gabriel, who crossed what many "plastic artists" only have as backing: fashion; then, condemned to dead fame.

Juan Gabriel battered mentally in the taste of the public, supported especially by his work (they are told by a young university man who began to indulge his professionalism and talent since the 16 years). The term artist has been desecrated and today is used in the entertainment world in an irresponsible way for anyone who is simply promoted in the masses, regardless of whether what he does is art, is or not culture.

That was Juan Gabriel, a promoter of excellence in each concert, in every production, a connoisseur. If he demanded, it is because he knew; he did not join his orchestras, his orchestras were coupled to him, for the simple fact that what he had of guarantee, was imposed.

His musical trajectory was also marked by something that he simply never imposed by his audience, or by himself, nor had to.

I was reading some shared images on social networks. On one page appeared the legend "Yesterday March against homosexuals, and today weep for John Gabriel, so hypocrites are in this country". I was struck by this publication and made me think of several things. The first thing is that a current gay movement is using the image of Juan Gabriel for its flag. But above all, I concluded that Juan Gabriel, rather than contributing to gay activism, came to say that his struggle is misdirected, that it is poorly supported, and to refute it.

Alberto Aguilera the last thing he did was to use his sexual preference to achieve greater sympathy; in fact, this artist never made a decisive public statement about whether he was a homosexual person. Nor did he ever join the LGBTTTI community activism, never claimed to be identified with such a radical current, nor ever promoted the current demands of the gay lobby, such as so-called "equal marriage" and "gay adoption," unlike other Well-known performers like Ricky Martin or Elton John.

Of course, it was evident that Juan Gabriel expressed implicitly what is perhaps indisputable to many: his homosexuality, although in fact, everything is speculation. Despite all this, being himself in his stage, in public life, and perhaps in his private life, he took a special place in the feeling of the people; And that, because he was promoted by his dignity as a person and not by the exteriorization of what he kept only for himself.

This makes it clear to us that respectful social behavior to certain vulnerable sectors can be achieved without the need to impose, use the State or public education to reprogram thought or call "homophobe" to anyone who disagrees with their ideas. In my life, I never heard Juan Gabriel call "homophobic" to an institution, social group or individual.

Juan Gabriel leaves the teaching that the struggle for respect for the difference should not exist if respect is sought for outward action. In this way, the struggle is wrong, because respect translates into superficiality, even in fear or repression. The struggle must be restated. The gay lobby is wrong; That is why the struggle is tax, superficial and points to violent social transformation. The struggle is not for "the different", the struggle must be "for the respect of what unites us": being people; And then, for what we bring to society.

That's what Juan Gabriel taught us, and it's a strong dose of humility for everyone, especially for the gay community. There is no need to force the different to be accepted but to understand that we have something in common: dignity, even indifference. Understanding this idea well, all the mechanisms for social reprogramming posed by the gay lobby have no sense or reason to be.

All this left us the great master Juan Gabriel, without any need to promote himself on a victimizing speech.