There is no difference between a feto's humanity and a newborn's humanity
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"Virtually everything a newborn baby does, the fetus has already done", notes Dr. Bill Fifer, an expert in fetal learning. At 12 weeks, "they are exquisitely able to perceive information on all parts of their body". With that, so is the pain. Life News shares a great television program broadcast in the U.S., "The Secret Life of Unborn Babies," aired on the Today Show by, in which, in front of the lie abortionist deny the dignity that deserves human life in the womb, shows from the authoritative voice of science the evidence that the movement of life does nothing but respect: that there is no difference between the humanity of a fetus and that of a newborn. Inside the uterus or out of it, a baby is a human being with identical dignity and with the same right to live. In the documentary, Dr. Bill Fifer, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and a leading expert in fetal and newborn learning, says: "Virtually everything a newborn baby has done has already been made by the fetus". Science affirms what the pro-life movement has always maintained: there is no difference between the humanity of a fetus and that of a newborn.

Fetal Pain.
The means of pressure in favor of abortion try to dehumanize the unborn baby, spreading the falsehood that human life in the womb is nothing more than a part of the mother's body, tissue or cells, easily disposable through abortion. Science itself denies the fallacy. The Today Show showed millions of viewers that unborn babies may feel pain as soon as they are 12 weeks pregnant. Science has created an impressive window in the womb. This generation has sidollamada the "generation of ultrasound". In the middle of the video, Dr. Fifer explains that babies, at 12 weeks' gestation, "are exquisitely able to perceive information on all parts of their body, although some are more sensitive than others: around the mouth, around the feet, around the hands".

In the "generation of ultrasound".
Experts say that kicking and other activities of unborn babies can be a reaction to your mom's diet or changing positions; or it can happen just because the baby feels what's moving around. Mom's emotions can also cause certain movements. Pregnant women with stress showed that their babies touch more often the face with the left hand, according to an investigation of the universities of Durham and Lancaster in the United Kingdom, published last month in the magazine Laterality: asymmetries of the body, Brain and Cognition. "This suggests that maternal stress might be having an effect on the child's behavior within the mother, and stresses the importance of reducing such stress during pregnancy", says Dr. Nadja Reissland, lead author of the study. The report also describes how even before birth, babies learn from the experience, especially if it is directly related to their moms. Babies, even within the womb, can learn to recognize a lullaby, if the mother repeats it between weeks 28 and 34, according to a published study on child Behavior and development.