Process and goals
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The physical world lives between processes. Changes and more changes happen. Time allows to frame them. Nothing can be stopped: Each stage depends on the one that precedes and advances towards the one that will come.

There are goal-oriented processes. The reproductive process is oriented towards conception. Conception, development. Development, at adulthood.

Every process of each living being ends with a decisive event: death. With it, the elements that formed the body of a plant or an animal will become integrated into new realities, perhaps in other living, perhaps simply as inorganic matter.

The human being, in his temporal life, is also subject to the law of the processes. In his body, with continuous changes, sometimes unforeseen. In his soul, with this continual openness to new knowledge and to free choices of one's own will.

Where is every human being headed? Is there a goal that gives meaning to the whole process? Are we simply a stage in the great chain of life or does it shine in every woman and every man a spirit that survives beyond death? Is there a god who gives meaning to the whole of history, who collects the good processes and corrects the injustices?

They're unavoidable questions. Of the answers given depends on the way to assess the facts and the decisions that lead our successive steps arise.

Between questions and mysteries, shines in our hearts a desire for truth, good, justice, beauty. If chaos is the law of the universe, there is no room for hope. On the other hand, if there is a god attentive to every human existence, it is possible to recognize a wonderful goal for all good process: an eternal heaven.