For good navigation: prayer for before using the internet
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One of the most frequent queries that come to me through's social communications ethics office is if there is a prayer before you start using the internet.

Since the petition was recurring, I thought about what need there was for such a prayer. And the answer soon came: the internet is a space for good or evil. A prayer orients our lives precisely towards good because it makes us put ourselves in the presence of God and act accordingly.

I offer you the prayer I have composed and used for a long time. I do it just now because it was something, I only offered to the people who asked me. I thought maybe it might help others. Also, some legionnaires of Christ have helped me with translations into other languages so I can not only offer it in Spanish but also in English, Italian, French, Portuguese and German.

Prayer before you start surfing the internet


you have made all things good

and it has given us freedom

so that we could confirm with her our option for you.

Help me and teach me how to use the internet

as befits an apostle who loves you:

that the time you spend on the web is to give you glory;

may my eyes always see what you would see;

never lose sight of

the fact that behind each screen there are redeemed souls

That in dealing with people

with what comes in relation

in the digital environment

can reflect you properly so that they know you better

and more love you.

Illuminate and measure my words

when making judgments, making comments and offering advice

so that I can always leave in the hearts

the sweet smell of you;

that once I finish my internet browsing

keep neither in the heart nor in the thought

Something that separates you from me.

Jesus, finally, I ask you to record in the deepest part of me

the certainty that without you

no fruit for eternity is possible

and that doing it and giving everything for you and your Kingdom

no matter how much or how little can be done

it is you who acts in silence

and so, you bless our apostolate.