Open to God
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L. | Fuente:

Spiritual life seems complicated, even difficult. Actually, if you search correctly, it's simple. It's simply about opening up to God. 

God always acts. Whispers, insinuates, invites, presents, actively hopes. What touches us is, with a simple act of will, to say a generous and confident self. 

Opening up to God is not easy when we are afraid, when we prefer our plans, when we cling to human security.


But when we recognize how much God loves us, we learn to put aside selfish desires, and we give him full confidence. 

Then God changes our hearts and leads him to repentance. It strengthens our will to make good purposes. Above all, it throws us into the adventure of loving without measure.


Every day is a new opportunity to open up to God. If we do, it will illuminate, heal, order, propel, ignite an inextinguishable fire. 

The life of the one who opens to God is a magnificent life. Like the life of the Saints that the church has recognized. And like the lives of so many unknown saints but no less important.


Once God takes possession of our souls, life ceases to be something enclosed in himself. We can then repeat the words of those who fully opened to the Lord, like St. Paul: "And I do not live, but it is Christ who lives in Me" (Ga 2.2