The intrigue
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In the shadows or the open. With harsh words or flattery dressed in simulated affection. From an open web page or with a private electronic message. Intrigue works with different modalities, always with an eye on the objective: to impose a point of view, to get a promotion, to promote a friend, to defenestrate the "enemies".

Intrigue is a phenomenon that accompanies human history and occurs in different peoples and cultures. It arises from ambitions and dreams of power, from grudges and rages, from hatred and envy, sometimes from good projects but defended with dishonest methods.

Those who succumb to the temptation of intrigue sometimes think that they achieve a victory when they destroy their conscience, damage relatives, friends or co-workers, sow distrust and promote causes based on efficiency tactics.

It hurts to see how a close being is trapped by the temptation of intrigue. Someone who until now walked calmly with that honesty that creates bonds and harmony, gradually succumbs to a strange desire to impose his projects with that attitude of the one who hides after throwing the stone.

Above all, it hurts to be a victim of other people's intrigue. No one likes to take a treacherous blow from who is part of the family itself or who shares the same roof of an office or a factory. No one likes to discover that this politician or banker or scientist who begins to shine before men has conquered his fame with intrigue to smear colleagues and to promote himself without any real merit.

We will not always discover those maneuvers of power that sadly characterize certain people who participate in the human drama. Beyond the harm we may receive because of machinations of unscrupulous intrigues, a response of honesty, patience, and sincere forgiveness allows the heart to recover spaces of peace and continue that daily work in favor of the triumph of truth and justice between the hearts of families and peoples.