From fear or from love?
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There are tax and inflexible people. When they decide, they impose it. It is impossible to argue with them about the point in question: they do not accept other alternatives. Then, they search with energetic ways to act according to their opinion. They even come up with harsh words or generate fear: things are as they say and woe to whoever goes out of the way!

Other people also have ideas and make decisions, but do not seek to impose them at any cost. They know how to listen and see alternative views. They recognize that there are different sensitivities. They open to each other's needs. They understand that some disagree. The dialogue and welcome.

They're two different ways of acting. The former can generate cold respect, even with fear. The second attracts by the simplicity of the one who proposes, by his openness of heart, by his desire to seek more the best of the other ones than the effective conquest of results.

It would not be fair to say that the world is divided between tensile and dialogue, between those who crush with their hard gaze and their energetic voice, and those who give affection and seek free accessions. Sometimes the same person behaves one way and then another. Other occasions demand to be firm, from a just measure: in front of those who lie and harm others, there are no condescending attitudes.

The friendly voice and the serene attitude of those who propose with respect and dialogue with effect drag and with the softness of the sweetness. Whoever there have been some "boss" by his side knowing how easy it is to obey him, because the heart feels invited to collaborate and, above all, because he discovers that he is deeply loved and accompanied in the thousand tasks that must be carried out at work, in the family or among a group of friends.