Sowers of the Kingdom of Christ
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Jesus threw into the world the seed of truth, hope, forgiveness, and righteousness. 

In the footsteps of Jesus Christ, thousands of men and women seek to embrace these seeds so that they can bear fruit. 

That fruit changes every heart it touches. It goes from sin to grace, from death to life, and from sadness to joy. Then, it changes the our surroundings which involve our family, friends and coworkers.

Each transformed heart becomes  a sower. He or she who changes, testifies with their life and communicates the gifts received.

Like St Paul, the Catholic person feels in his heart a fire that will not put out and shouts, "Oh to me if I did not preach the Gospel!" (1 Co 9.16 17). 

Today, as in every moment of history, Catholics are called to be sowers of the Kingdom of Christ.

Through our spoken words, joy and testimonies we make the great news present: Christ is alive and He transforms the world with His saving Blood. 

"That joy is a sign that the gospel has been proclaimed and is bearing fruit. But he always has the dynamic of exodus and gift, of leaving himself, of walking and always sowing again, always beyond" (Pope Francis, "Evangelii Gaudium" n. 21).