About Bodies
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente: Catholic.net

We are flesh and blood beings. We have a body, with all its physical characteristics. A body, in addition, alive, subject to the laws of biology. 

That's why we were conceived and born. That's why we breathe and sleep now. That's why we feel cold and hot, tired and thirsty, hungry and satiated. That's why we see and hear what other bodies cause around us.

The body limits us. We can't fly like birds. We can't work to infinity. We cannot devote hours and hours to sport without breaks. 

The body throws us into relationships in a world of change. We entered a bus between strangers. We greet a friend with a hand. We offer a caress to a sick person.

The body is experiencing continual changes. Of children, upward. Of adults, some sideways. Of the elderly, towards the signs of the final phase. 

Whether that body likes or dislikes, excites or causes complexes, will always be our body. With that height, with that weight, with those eyes, with those teeth, with those hands.

We're still on our way with that body. One day, we have seen it in others, it will be time to quit. Disease, aging and death are inevitable. The important thing, then, is to have chosen good and just ways to live. 

When the existence in the body ends, the soul will pass to a new stage. It will be judged on its acts, free and limited, spiritual and corporeal, temporal and oriented to the eternal.

The bad will be purified, less in the case of irreparable stains on which there was never repentance. The good will be received in the Kingdom of heaven, where God the Father welcomes every forgiven son, to give him a day after the judgment of Love, a renewed and beautiful body.