The Importance of a Decision
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The Importance of a Decision 
Decisions orient my life; I take or I give, I construct or destroy, I harvest love or provoke hate. 
I grab a rock between my fingers. I take a look at the impetuous storm. I doubt if I should toss the rock or keep it. If I toss it will be hard to get back. If I keep it, I can think about what to do with it in the future. 
Life is much more important than a rock. I can toss it to a torrent of vices and selfishness. I can keep it and take care of it so I can use it appropriately. 
Every choice I make sends a bit of myself to the great flow of our history. I can’t change the past. What I decide marks my present and my future, what I have and who I am. 
The xx is still in my hand. I go forward and I see a need. I can leave that rock on the side to make myself available and help. Then, I can grab it again and keep going forward. What I do or stop doing has an impact. 
On the path of human life, I need to realize the importance of every decision. What is chosen from selfishness, greed, uncontrolled pleasures, harms me deeply? What is chosen from love, beautifies the world and my soul?