Grow in a crisis
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Por: Francisco Peralta Dávalos | Fuente:

Grow in a crisis
Never leave your partner? Especially in a fire.

By: Francisco Peralta Dávalos | Source:

"Never leave your partner ... especially in a fire", is mentioned in the film "Fireproof" (Fireproof). In fact, throughout the couple's relationship, there may be "fires" which, if worked together and in an adequate manner, in addition to resisting and overcoming them, may leave us with a great lesson and teaching.

To pretend that our life as a couple will always be pure happiness and joy, that there will never be problems, difficulties and even in some cases strong crises, it is a naive thought, rather we have to keep in mind that changes, difficulties, and crises are part of life and sometimes they occur more often than we would like.

Personal relationships are subject to the existence of problems in them and the couple's relationship much more, since it is such an intimate relationship and where there should be a high and healthy coexistence, but if this coexistence becomes deficient, indifferent or even hostile, it deteriorates and this is where the crisis arises; It is understandable to be two different people, "just like salt and pepper, the couple is composed of two different people who make their lives together" is said in another moment of the film "Fireproof". The problems can occur as varied as the couples themselves, from weekend plans, visits to relatives, to issues such as infertility or infidelity.

In addition to the crises that can be the result of our actions, there are also some in which their emergence does not depend directly on us. Independently of this, what is within our reach and in our "jurisdiction" is the attitude with which we take and face the crisis, it is said that a problem is not in itself, but in the measure in which the person He perceives it that way. In us will be the remain lamenting of the situation and even complicating things to the point of getting to completely fracture the relationship or get down to work and work directly in the repair of it. Let us understand that crises are to grow, not to break.

There are (among others) two very powerful factors to take into account to overcome the crisis:

• You are not alone. Often one usually wants to get out of the crisis with the particular effort; the couple is not one, it is two and with the other is with which we have to make the effort and actions to overcome adversity.

• Support from a professional. There are specialists in the subject of couple and marriage that can help a lot when a conflict or crisis in the relationship arises.
There are impressive testimonies from couples where it seemed that love was more than dead and reconciliation was unthinkable and despite all this, after the depth of the crisis, the relationship resurfaced and beyond that, it seemed to have developed more strength, as a tree that grows and strengthens, that its roots are better founded giving more support, in such a way that no longer any wind knocks it down. 

"If I knew that the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today," said Martin Luther King, "we do not lose hope and at the same time we work planting a tree every day in the forest of our relationship.