God and love in the family
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Por: P.Fernando Pascual, L.C. | Fuente: Catholic.net

God and love in the family
It’s a longing that is still present in millions of hearts

It is a longing that is still present in millions of hearts: to live in a family where love reigns. 

How to achieve it?

In a very simple way: if we understand that God is Love, it is Trinity, it is a mutual donation, then to welcome God in our own family allows us to live love thoroughly.

A family that lets God enter their hearts knows how to pray. Prayer unites, gives hope, consoles in suffering, encourages work.

A family that lives next to the Son of God made Man accepts the great gift of Redemption, allows himself to be forgiven and learns to forgive.

A family that can call "Father" God experiences immense joy at the arrival of each child, and teaches the children to gratefully love their parents.

A family in which baptism has marked each one is enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and thus enters the life of the Trinity itself.

It is wonderful to let God be the center of a family. Not all problems will be fixed because life is full of trials. But there will be a different way of dealing with each issue: with love.

Therefore, the greatest thing, the most serious, the most beautiful thing that spouses, parents, children, other relatives can do, is to receive God in their hearts and within the walls of the home.

Each day is a new opportunity to let God enter the house. The family, as well, will receive an incomparable consolation and will have unsuspected resources to grow in love and to open up to others.

That God lives in his own family is, in short, one of the most beautiful ways to welcome the Gospel, and to enter into the great thanksgiving of those who have received the blessing of the Trinity.
"Therefore I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and earth takes its name, so that it may grant you, according to the richness of his glory, that you may be strengthened by the action of his Spirit in the inner man. .. Amen "(cf Eph 3,14 21).