Challenges of large families
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Challenges of large families
How will these large families live, how will they pass? How will they handle the economic, health, food, education, etc.?
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Geez ... The other day I was surprised by a conversation between several people inside a stationery store and gifts; the client was known to the owner and he made jokes about what his four children bought there. Then it turned out that the owner had ten brothers, and the dependents, one with twelve and the other with eight.

Seem right. But it has made me think: How will these large families live, how will they pass? How will they handle the economic, health, food, education, etc.? I do not have any information about it; However, I believe that large families, whatever they may be, face challenges of all kinds.

 The money

Without putting an order in the family's needs, I believe that the challenge of having flow is basic. Elementary, because if you do not have it for real needs, there will be restlessness, nervousness, and dissatisfaction among the members of the family. You have to check if what enters the house is enough to develop the personality of each member. That is to say, that in the home there are common areas for coexistence and a personal place for each one. Food, clothing, schools, prevention fees, spending on entertainment and what each family, in particular, does and has according to their traditions and customs. If it is not enough or missing, then generate the habit of making more money.

Coexistence in the family

A healthy ecology in family relationships is a great challenge that must be considered.

On one occasion he was leading a case in which relations between spouses and children were analyzed. For the work of the man, he could not be with the family all the time since he traveled and stayed in other countries for long periods, but yes, he communicated every day with his wife online. On one occasion they asked their son at school, to draw the family and he did, the miss was surprised with the result. He immediately requested an appointment with the mother, since his son had drawn a computer indicating that he was a father.

The formation of the children occurs in the daily coexistence. It is the educational action of parents that should not be neglected in the least. It is advisable to take family education courses, read, ask the experts about the issue of authority, education in children at different stages of growth, etc.

Dignify society

The challenge has two significant parts: an internal one, which is "making family" by teaching and practicing habits of coexistence, mutual help, respect, trust, affection, demand, etc. And the other, external, which is the preparation of children for their integration into society, through the virtues of citizenship, patriotism, work, respect for laws and norms, solidarity, the common good, etc. Everything is learned in the house.

Today's global society requires people to exercise a transformational leadership through human relationships in their different roles or roles in the workplace, in their own families. Leadership that is learned at home, in relationships between siblings and parents.

The family first school of virtues

The first educators are the parents and the things of ordinary life are how they are educated, for example: sitting at the table together, making purchases, preparing vacations, celebrating anniversaries, watching a movie or a program on television, etc. Everything ordinary that happens in the family is always a valuable opportunity to educate in many virtues. San José María repeated to the parents that the most important "business" is the children.

Finally, to make family and prepare children for inclusion in society, recognize that challenges are presented along the way. Accept that they will be present, we do not know, but they can be from someone's illness, a more or less deep economic blip, the unfortunate distancing of family members, etc. How to face them? Even if it is impossible or very difficult, conjugal communication is the basis for defining the problem, accepting it and undertaking the search for solutions by using all natural and supernatural means.