What the Church says... of unemployment?
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What the Church says... of unemployment?
What does the Church say about unemployment, decent work, crisis and labor constraints? 

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«In the Social Doctrine of the Church occupies an important place the right to dignified work. Therefore, given the high unemployment rates that affect many American countries and the harsh conditions in which there are not a few workers in the industry and the field, ‘it is necessary to assess the work as a dimension of realization and dignity of the human person. It is an ethical responsibility of an organized society to promote and support a culture of work’ “(Ecclesia in America 54). 

"The ‘poor’ are in various forms; they appear in different places and at different times; they appear in many cases as a result of the violation of the dignity of human labor: either because the possibilities of work are limited, i.e. by the plague of unemployment, either because they work and the rights flowing from it are depreciated, especially the right to a fair wage, to the safety of the person of the worker and his family” (Laborem Exercens 8). 

«In the context of the third world they retain all their validity and in some cases are still a goal to achieve the objectives indicated by the Rerum Novarum, to prevent the work of man and man himself to be reduced to the level of simple commodity: the sufficient salary for family life, social insurance for old age and unemployment, adequate guardianship of working conditions” (Centesimus Annus 34).