Of people with disabilities
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Of people with disabilities 
What does the Church say about people with disabilities? 

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"The media can have a very positive influence on the development of the disabled child, facilitating their training and their integration into family life and social life" (The family and the social integration of disabled children, 2000). 

"The family is the place par excellence where the gift of life is received as such and the dignity of the child is recognized with expressions of particular affection and tenderness" (John Paul II, 4. XII. 99). 

When parents accept the reality of their child's disability they begin to be able to be happy in their test. When parents are happy in spite of the difficulties of their situation, they can make their child happy, whatever their disability» (the family and social integration of disabled children, 2000). 

"The quality of a society and a civilization is measured by the respect it manifests to the weakest of its members" (John Paul II, International year of the handicapped, 1981). 

"Indeed in God, we discover the dignity of the human person, of each of the human people. The degree of physical or mental health does not add anything to the dignity of the person; moreover, suffering can give it special rights in our relationship with it» (John Paul II, International year of the handicapped, 1981).