Only with honest work, we will have a transition
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Por: José Luis Chávez Botello, Archbishop of Antequera-Oaxaca about the culture of work | Fuente:

Only with honest work, we will have a transition 
Only with honest work, we will have a transition 

It is alarming how our generation is losing the culture of work, we are shown by the growing number of people who only seek their interest and fruits with the least effort and even illegal paths; they are the widespread corruption, the “aviator workers”, the burglaries and the various forms of fraud. It's urgent to put a stop. 
Work is the ordinary way to stimulate and strengthen people's bodies and minds, to foster the development of families and communities, is the means as people are overcome and projected. It is the purpose of dear to God. The work is forging people ordered, responsible and mature; so the body and mind of the slacker's atrophy, the mind and the heart of those who pervert the dignity of work poison and harm others, dehumanize and are not happy. Where there is injustice, division or violence, there certainly some are not working honestly; honest work away from boredom can be preventive medicine against vices and even crimes. 
That is why we find that where several people work like this, the relationships are narrowed, they coexist, the appreciation and mutual support arises, they are overcome; in a word, it grows in quality. Holy Scripture presents the work of creation as a result of God's “work”; through creation God projects His goodness, grandeur, and beauty; Jesus Christ alludes to his redemptive work of liberating and saving humanity as a work: “my Father works and I work too”. Hence the almost sacred sense of work. 
Those who work honestly are contributing to the good of people and society as a whole; hence the importance and social good of those who create and sustain worthy sources of work; hence the authorities' social duty to protect the dignity, meaning and importance of human labor, their duty to promote jobs either directly with taxes, either by granting fiscal stimulus to those who can create such sources. 
Not all of us have the same physical condition for heavy jobs, not all of them possess the qualities that require more intellectual work, nor do we have the tenacity and patience demanded by the research work. We must recognize that all honest jobs are valuable and complementary to people's lives and that we all need everyone. 
A good job should not be measured by the amount of money earned but by what it serves people to do and grow in quality; the child works by playing, learning to keep his toys and making services according to his age; the study, sport, and learning of a young person's trade, the work of the family mothers in the home is essential for life; the sharing and advice of the elders are the synthesis of their wisdom and experience acquired for years, a work as valuable as the service of a psychologist or professional adviser. 
Oaxaca requires more responsible and honest work of all citizens; especially its rulers, political parties, teachers, social leaders, and social media; some of them are already giving us good signals. Without honest work, we will never have a transition. 
With my greeting and blessing for all. 
+ José Luis Chavez Botel 
Archbishop of Antequera-Oaxaca