For the bishops of the United States, it is a duty to reduce the debt
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For the bishops of the United States, it is a duty to reduce the debt 
For the bishops of the United States, it is a duty to reduce the debt 
It's not about what political party wins, but about treating the poor well 
Monsignor Howard Hubbard, bishop of Albany, New York, and Monsignor Stephen Blaire, bishop of Stockton, California, representatives of the international and national policy committees of the United States Episcopal Conference (USCCB), made this statement last Wednesday in a statement. 
Addressing the Joint Special Committee on the reduction of the deficit, the bishops affirmed: the “moral measure of this historical process does not depend on which party wins or that interests of power prevail, but on how they are treated the unprepared, the hungry, the without ceiling and the poor”. 
“We understand that this financial situation is untenable, with an increasing deficit and a growing debt for our children, the bishops write. We recognize the economic and moral importance of creating decent-wage jobs and stimulating economic growth as well as the essential strategies that improve our economy, reduce poverty and future deficits and debts”. 
“The question is how to respond to the demands of justice and moral obligations with future generations and to protect the lives and dignity of the poor and vulnerable”. 
Is not the time 
The bishops warned against substantial cuts to “programs that help families work to earn a living and escape poverty”. 
They also said that this is not the time to “weaken the national safety net or to make disproportionate cuts to programs that can help low-and moderate-income families avoid the crisis and live with dignity”. 
They also discussed the danger of undermining international aid programs, “an essential tool for promoting human life and dignity, solidarity with the poorest nations and improving global security”. 
They also warned against cuts in the funds for refugee admission and refugee assistance programs abroad. 
Bishops Hubbard and Blaire noted that “the shared sacrifice of all” is necessary, and advocated for the elimination of “unnecessary and similar military spending and thus to cope with the long-term costs of health insurance and fair retirement plans”. 
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