Pope: Unemployment is dramatic and poverty is not only economic
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Por: Writing Papa Francisco | Fuente: Zenit Roma/May 20, 2017

Receive the Centesimus Annus Foundation. Praises the proposal for mediation structures between the poor and the companies 
Pope: Unemployment is dramatic and poverty is  not only economic 
Things can change; the fight to poverty requires a better understanding of this as a human phenomenon and not merely economic 
(Zenit – Vatican City).-"Your statement this year indicates that poverty needs a better understanding of human and not merely economic phenomena." Pope Francisco said this Saturday to address the participants of the International Conference of the Foundation Centesimus Annus, whom he received in audience in the Clementina´s Hall of the Vatican Apostolic Palace.
He pointed out that it is necessary to "give life within communities and between communities and the business world, to mediation structures capable of putting people and resources together, initiating processes in which the poor are the principal's protagonists and beneficiaries. " 
The pontiff said that "such an approach to economic activity, based on the person, will encourage initiatives and creativity, business spirit and working and business communities, and thus promote the social inclusion and growth of a culture of effective solidarity. "
The theme of the international conference was: “Constructive alternatives in a phase of global mismatch. Occupation and dignity of the individual in the digital age. Incentives to solidarity and civic virtue ", and was held in the new classroom of the synod from May 18 to 20, 2017). 

The Pontiff expressed his appreciated "for the efforts made to seek alternatives to understand the economy, development, and trade, to respond to the ethical challenges imposed by the new paradigms and forms of power derived from technology, from the culture of discarding and lifestyles that ignore the poor and despise the weak. " 
And he assured "things can change" if sustainable development is found. He referred to the statement made this year that "it is precise that the fight against poverty demands a better understanding of this as a human and not merely an economic phenomenon." 
Thus promoting integral human development requires dialogue and involvement with the needs and aspirations of people, it becomes necessary to listen to the poor to their daily experience of multiple deprivations and overlapping, thinking about specific answers and specific situations. "Also to the creation of work in the context of the new technological revolution in the act. " 
The Holy Father pointed out his concern about "the serious problem of the unemployment of young people and adults who do not have the means to promote themselves", and said that "it assumed really dramatic proportions in the developed countries that in the way of development ". A subject that must be faced with a sense of justice among the generations. 
The Pope concluded by praising the deepening of these issues, but also inviting them to engage in a change of attitude, opinion, and lifestyle, which is fundamental to build a world more just, free and in harmony.