Art according to Jacques Maritain
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Fragment from the book “ART, PHILOSOPHY, AND POLITICS”. 
Art according to Jacques Maritain 
Art is linked to beauty because aesthetics is the science that deals with beauty, which was defined by Saint Thomas for integrity and perfection. 

Art belongs to doing, which is to create things that can excite and please the human soul, it is the impression of an idea in the matter, is of the intellectual order, a virtue of practical understanding and order of reasoning. 
Art is to treat pleasant things that we perceive with the senses, so those who practice art can perceive ideas and emotions that others do not have the privilege to capture; therefore artists convert the ordinary and routine into something special. It is the artistic sensibility that manifests itself for human delight. 
Art is linked to beauty because aesthetics is the science that deals with beauty, which was defined by Saint Thomas for Integrity and perfection; the proportion, the concordance in the order and the unit; clarity in colors and intelligence; the glow the shape, explaining that the only and absolute beauty is God. 
In people, nature and things there is a limited beauty, which can be ideal or fantastic, is what inspires artists to do their work: composing, painting, sculpting...anyway, make an artwork. When the human spirit is manifested through the written word, spoken or sung, with poetry or prose, with music or painting, which have art and beauty, it is an elevation to the spirit, a cultural overcoming. 
About Poetry:
The creative ideas of the artist form things, do the real according to the spirit, his work is himself in what he does. In poetry is a divination of the spirit in the sensible, it is a do to delight the beauty, it is the creative idea, like an emotion that appears passed down in the intelligence. 
« Art begins with the intelligence and the will of choice. The spontaneous spring of the images, without which there is no poetry, because it grows and nourishes the poet’s operation. » 
In the artist, the creative idea is an emotion of conscience, with intelligence, which enlarges with the will to give existence, born of matter, the object of creation. 
"It is necessary to warn that the greatness of the work does not depend only on the poet, but also on his harmony with the world, with the human universe, guided entirely by a powerful inspiration and that reaches a certain spiritual unanimity."
«It is in the musician where the metaphysical demands of poetry are verified in the clearest way. In him, when missing in this, there is a missing note. » 
The novelist is like the sage who works in his laboratory, follows the steps to his experiments; the novelist does it with his characters, human lives in fiction or reality, the goal is the knowledge of the human person. 
The novelist must possess moral values and principles to transmit laws of a model society, a divine government, if he is not capable of destroying the matter of art. In novelists like Malraux, Francois Mauriac, and Grahan Greene, they nourish themselves more with moral knowledge rather than the poetic one. 
The novelist is responsible for a practically unlimited influence. 
Rarely does he have as readers those for whom the message has been written (which are a small number)? He knows this, he complains about them, but he takes advantage and continues... »