5 Tips to Protect your Marriage Against Office Lovers
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Long work periods or office hours can create a great coexistence between co-workers, being in the work environment becomes a place to, without wanting to, create inconvenient situations.

We spend more time at work than at home, that's why coworkers can become very close people, the problem is when a closer relationship gets closer than it should be, and the limits can easily lead to an unwanted relationship.


Co-workers ... 

In most countries, workers spend eight hours a day in the workplace, representing around 40 hours a week, although in some cases the days exceed that time. Being that way, the time to be at home is less, without taking into consideration the time that has to be dedicated to other purposes (children, housekeeping, working out, grocery shopping, etc.…  the earrings, the purchases, etc.) Finally, the time to be shared as a couple is reduced to a few minutes a day.

That’s  why we need to know how to manage personal time and work time, strengthen one's will and helps to keep in mind at all times a golden rule: maintain an emotional distance with colleagues, especially if they arouse any attraction.


According to Eduardo Press, director of the Argentine School of Organizational Psychology, "it’s logical that by sharing on a daily basis so much time and at the same time problems, expectations, frustrations and achievements, a certain empathy exists between co-workers that in some cases can reach a crush." He tells in an article published by iProfesional.com


For this reason, workers must develop the necessary strength to establish limits and make clear a purely professional relationship that must exist with colleagues. It should be avoided to turn the college into the confidant or the cloth of tears of personal difficulties and even less, those related to marriage. Little by little this "confidentiality" can become something more than friendship.


In the same order, Kevin Lowry, financial advisor, but passionate about the work-family harmony theme offers advice to husbands: "Speak positively about your wife. Never complain about her, especially with other women " These acts mistreat the conjugal union.


5 Tips to protect marriage against "office loves"

It can’t hurt to shield the relationship and avoid unfortunate situations, here are some tips:

1. Communicate with your partner! Assertive communication in marriage is decisive. Being able to tell the other what it feels like, especially the nonconformities (sexual, affective, personal, etc.) before they evolve. Even seeking marriage counseling  when you feel an attraction for another person is the only way to avoid infidelity.


2. Beware of your couple’s routine, that is, of the spaces that they have considered as their own and pass over their marital commitment and that of their children (go out frequently to have a few drinks with their classmates). Work, being home late for social gatherings, spending rest days with colleagues and not with family, sharing a lot of time with a special person). There are scenarios that don’t suit marriage and it is better to avoid them.


3. Avoid routine, it is a constant threat to marriage. In some cases, it’s the starting point for an infidelity, because it arises when looking for new emotions outside the home.


4. Don’t leave your partner alone, in their projects, in their work, in their dreams, in their decisions, on a day-to-day basis. Marriage is "communion", it’s two people that become one in order to share everything. If everyone makes their own life, the relationship will cool down and sooner rather than later, infidelity will come.


5. Take care of your personal appearance to always be attractive to your partner. Remember the time of courtship that you wanted to look good even in the smallest detail, because in marriage this purpose should not disappear.


While it is true that fidelity is a matter of will, we must also bear in mind that there are situations that invite to break that will and if the person is not sufficiently strengthened or the marriage does not pass through its best, it can fall into the trap.