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Por: Br. Anthony Freeman, LC. | Fuente: Catholic.Net

This morning I got back from an audience that Pope Francis held for all the seminarians of Rome. It was a grace-filled experience being with so many seminarians from around the world and the Pope as you can imagine!


It then dawned on me that tomorrow is St. Patrick's day so I began asking my seminarian brothers what was the coolest thing about St. Patrick for them.


You see as an American who also happened to do two years of seminary in Ireland the 'feast' (in the most full sense of the word) of St. Patrick is pretty big...I mean I probably don't even need to make reference to the Shamrocks, Leprechauns, Irish Coffee, Corned Beef, Cabbage, Parades, Fireworks etc. you get the idea.


In other words, the majority of things we are associating this Saint day with is fairly shallow even if it has its place. When I asked my question to my seminarian brothers though it became apparent that the trend of their answers was quite the opposite of shallow.


Here is what they said:


"The Coolest thing about St. Patrick was that he came back to Ireland after being held there as a prisoner and slave. Sometimes we forget about the amount of trauma the 16-year-old St. Patrick must have gone through in that situation and thus the amount of courage it took to return later as a missionary " Br. Maxime François-Marsal, LC from France


"The Coolest thing about St. Patrick is that he converted a country by himself  " Br. Russell Ward, LC from Michigan, USA


"St. Patrick was a missionary, that is why he is cool. Going to another place with the motivation of bringing Christ to others. That is what inspires me!" Br. Javier Flores, LC from Mexico


"Because he evangelized Ireland and I am Irish, so you could say that the faith came to me from St. Patrick, that's pretty cool" Br. Nathan Wayne, LC from New York, USA


Do you see the trend? At least here in the seminary from our perspective of the many things we could comment about St. Patrick his missionary zeal and courage seem to be taken in very high regard!


So now its your turn, what is the coolest thing about St. Patrick to you?