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Have we ever thought about what it means to follow Christ? What do we imagine it to be? A walk through a flowery meadow? through a desert? Take a second and think about what it means for you.

To follow Christ for me means to have Christ as one’s only security. Christ is our only security when we don’t find our security in places like a place to rest, our family, or work. In the world today it seems like many of those securities are not there, or are less certain. There are many uncertainties, but the one security we can always have is that God loves us. This life isn’t everything but we are destined to eternal life with Him. It is a security of faith, but without which life doesn’t make sense. Christ came to give meaning to our life; we need to open our hearts to receiving His love. It is there, but many times, we run from it trying to find our security in other places. Hold onto Christ amidst the changes and storms of life; let Him be your security.