Millennia’s and Love
Youth /Virtues and values

Por: Leslie Alvarenga | Fuente: Catholic.Net

I want to be completely honest and explain how a lot of people feel like they don’t belong to this age; they don’t fit in with most people in this world. I don’t think that means you’re not normal or that you’re crazy because of this. Being a millennial (born between 1980 and 2000) and being catholic at the same time is not easy, this generation is corrupted and manipulated by technology, if you don’t depend on having 100 likes to feel pretty, if you don’t think gay marriage is ok and you support the idea of sex until you get married then you’re labeled as the weirdo and boring guy, you barely have some friends because you don’t support the idea that having alcohol on a Friday night is the best thing can happen to you after a hard week at college or at work.  And the hardest parts, when you believe in true love in a generation like ours. I want to let you know the proper way to face this nowadays so your inner light, your faith is never lost.  

I’m obviously not agreeing with this idea of happiness and love that the people around me (young and old) have. I personally think and dream about love just like the Bible describes it (1 Corinthians 13, 4-8). To me, love is NOT about sex. I am surrounded by people who are always thinking and speaking about it, I have married friends and single friends too but all of them are always making emphasis in the importance of sex; Ok, I know it’s important (to me a 20% of 100%), however intimacy means so much more than just intercourse, intimacy are long talks looking at the stars, sharing your strangest musical taste, recommend a book you love to her/him, and the most important: God. You must know Him so you can learn how to truly love yourself and then you’ll be able to love someone else, pray so you can met the person He is preparing for you and don’t let the others turn off that light that faith; people around you, other millennia’s, will make fun of you and they’ll try to make you think you’re lying to yourself by believing you will find faithful love, love forever, because most of the young people don’t believe in this idea, the go jumping from person to person giving their bodies as a merchandise and almost no one think or feel body is Holly Spirit Temple. Once you have this person, share your time with him or her. Because nowadays everyone is busy so sharing your time is a precious gift; besides, this let the other person know how interested you are in keeping that relationship. Build something that can last forever and pray together for it.

Loyalty is another word that doesn’t mean anything today. I have met different kind of people. Friends, boyfriends, classmates and workmates, most friends I have are man and almost a 98% has cheated. I have some female friends that don’t care as well and they are unfaithful.  True love is faithful as our Father had taught us, losing someone you love is not worth is just because you wanted to have a pleasant moment. Everybody is losing time being so superficial. What’s the point on loving if you don’t love well? We need to learn to really love and trust. Give ourselves that precious gift. Let’s feel loved by Him and let’s love.