The Love in Autumn
Family /Marriage

Por: Jose Maria Cabodevilla | Fuente:

The authors has accustomed us to admire only the bright colors of spring, but it is important to sing also, with very slow and concerted pace, the delight of these affections meek, full of peace, of indulgence, wisdom of the autumn colors.


It is true, perhaps to love a person may be to accept aging with it. When love resists all the laps and snares of time, has reached a point of such identification between the spouses, which days alone could not be conceived. Already the spouses completely understood, Guess, knows each one all the possible reactions of the other, know that you are thinking when you stay with the eyes still looking at those things that lead many years already serving of witnesses of a affection. Already this affection, more than a feeling, is a way of feeling, more than an attitude is a state.


With aging, the spouses are becoming more similar and also more mutually necessary. The gaps in the memory, the rigidity in the action, the inevitable disconnection with the events of the present and with hope for the future, all this away from them to the young generations and makes them look for more, seek his coat the one in the other, in the common evocation of the elapsed days.


The man ages more quickly, but the woman begins before age. There is a moment in which only she realizes his decline; then it was perceived by the surrounding it and also it; perhaps finally, she will no longer be aware of its next outcome, abandoned to the welfare of the acceptance. This is imperative: not rebel. Not attempting to force the nature. Avoid the bitterness. Finally realize the tremendous unity of life, articulating already all its parts, their afflictions and joys. Welcome without startle the idea of death and incorporate it into the fabric of the daily thoughts. Is not odious aging, the odious is to resist it.


Be receptive to this suavísima voice that low from on high: "Hearken to me, ye house of Jacob, and you all, remains of the house of Israel, brought from the womb by me and my load from birth: I am the same until your canas and your old age, bring you with me; as I did from the beginning, i order to sustain you and saving"(Is 46,3-4).


It is not necessary that one of the two die so that the other know that truly was loved. It is always easier to know that one has loved to know that one loves.

For the last years of conjugal life there is a prayer that spouses should repeat together, at the same time, slowly: "Stay with us, Lord, because dark"(Lk 24,29). Always gives a little scary- and sweetness- see that puts the sun.


Our beloved John Paul II in his letter to the elderly, encourages them to continue his mission in life.