St. Marcellina
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    •    17 July

Daughter of the Roman imperial prefect of Gaul. Elder sister of Saint Ambrose of Milan and Saint Satyrus. She moved to Rome, Italy when very young, and was raised by her older brothers. A consecrated virgin (like a modern nun), receiving the veil from Pope Liberius on Christmas Day 353 in Saint Peter’s Basilica. Never cloistered, she lived with her mother, and in other private homes. Worked with Ambrose in Milan after his consecration as bishop. Noted for such austerities that her brother encourged her to relax in her later years. Ambrose dedicated his treatise on holy virginity to her.

    •    c.330 at Trier, Gaul (in modern Germany)

    •    c.398 of natural causes
    •    buried in the crypt under the altar of the Ambrosian Basilica in Milan, Italy

    •    Pre-Congregation