St. Amalburga
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Also known as
    •    Amalburga of Temse
    •    Amalberga of…
    •    Amalia of…
    •    Amelberg of…
    •    Amelia of…

    •    10 July

Seventh century relative of Saint Pepin of Landen. Married young to Count Witger. Mother of Saint Gudula of Brussels, Saint Emebert, and Saint Reineldis, all of whom she taught herself, including religion. When the youngest was grown, both Amalburga and her husband retired to Benedictine houses, the Count to Lobbes, Belgium, Amalburga to Maubeuge Abbey where she embraced a life of asceticism and prayer. Received the veil from Saint Willibrord of Echternach. She once crossed a lake by riding on the back of a giant sturgeon, which led to her representation on or with a fish.

    •    in Brabant, Belgium

    •    690
    •    buried beside her husband at the monastery at Lobbes, Belgium
    •    relics have been in Saint Peter’s abbey church in Ghent, Belgium since 1073

    •    Pre-Congregation

    •    against arm pain
    •    against bruises
    •    against fever
    •    farmers
    •    fever victims
    •    Ghent, Belgium

    •    crown
    •    fish
    •    geese
    •    sieve
    •    woman holding a palm and open book
    •    woman standing on a giant sturgeon or other fish
    •    woman with a crown at her feet