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Fuente: For your marriage

So, for those who don’t know, married life is awesome!  Justin and I enjoy getting to know each other better each and every day.  I think the best part of marriage is the closeness that occurs.  We both thought of each other’s needs before, but now it’s in a different and deeper way.  Some friends have called it “playing house” and I suppose they are right.  Currently, I enjoy “taking care” of Justin, although since he’s had the summer mostly off, it’s more accurate to say it’s mostly been Justin taking care of me.  But I’m getting ahead of myself – although we’ve been married a bit over a month, we haven’t told you about our honeymoon yet!
On our first full day as a married couple, Justin and I met our families for Sunday Mass.  Following Mass, we headed to our apartment to have lunch and open presents with our family.  We were very humbled by the generosity of our family and friends.  We loved all of the gifts, so when friends ask us for about our favorite, it’s too hard to decide!

Following lunch, Justin and I headed off on our honeymoon as Justin’s family nicely packed up the leftover food from our reception.  We went to Branson, Missouri, and were very excited to have this time away.  Sometime during our engagement process, I remember someone telling us what the purpose of a honeymoon is.  We were advised the purpose of a honeymoon is to have our first family experience together – now focusing on Justin and I as a family.  They advised that a several country trip is not the best way to experience this, as we should be focusing on each other, not the sites.  Following this advice, we picked a destination only several hours away.   As we drove away, I was glad it was so close as I couldn’t wait to be there with my husband!

We hadn’t planned ANYTHING for our honeymoon with the exception of making a hotel reservation, and it was wonderful.  After months of planning, waiting, and praying, it was just finally Justin and I.  There were no longer any barriers between us, as we were free to be as close as we desired in every sense possible.
We saw several shows, did some shopping, and just enjoyed each others’ company.    After years of waiting to be Justin’s wife, it was everything I had dreamed of and more.
We still laugh at our show selection.  While we picked two really great shows (including a circus where Justin was called onstage to portray the villain), the third one was below sub-par.  The “Murder Mystery” was more a play than an evening with audience participation.  In addition, the meal was worse than what we’d cook at home.  However, we have fun laughing about it now!

Especially humorous was the night I decided to change when Justin was in the bathroom.  He walked out of the bathroom, and freaked out because I was changing – something that would not have been okay just a week prior.  After Justin realized what happened, we had a good laugh.
Following our five day honeymoon, Justin and I drove back to OUR home, once again a first as a married couple.